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Fortnite Campfire Locations: Where Are Campfires and How To Stoke Them

In Fortnite chapter 2 Season 5’s map Campfire locations are not marked. In this guide, we will help you to find Campfire In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5.

In Fortnite, this year’s Operation Snowdown is not as good as compared to the previous winter-themed events. The map was not covered with snow completely, and the level of holiday cheer in-game was not the same as Epic Games adds in around the Christmas season.

Players can get a free confetti Wrap as a reward for stoking a campfire twice in one of the daily challenges in-game.

Campfire Locations Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

There are over 60 campfire locations on the Fortnite map. We have mentioned below the campfire locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5.

Northwest Block of the Map

The Northwest Block of the Map is from west of the river by Craggy Cliffs and above Holly Hedges. Coral Castle, Stealthy Stronghold, Sweaty Sands, and Pleasent Park are the main POI in this sport.

Coral Castle is the best place to complete the campfire challenge as seven different Campfire spots are there in Coral Castle.

Northeast Block of the Map

The Northeast Block of the map is from Craggy Cliffs down to Dirty Docks, to complete this challenge Northeast block is not the best.  This area of the map has only ten campfire locations including Craggy, Dirty, Colossal Coliseum, and Steamy Stacks

Three of those locations are in Craggy, but you will have to keep your heads on a hinge when lighting up the campfires because it is a hotter drop sight.

Southwest Block of the Map

The Southwest Block of the map is from Holly Hedges to Misty Meadows. There are plenty of campfires in the southern part of the map. Go southwest from Misty Meadows up around the mountains because there are five locations in this area

Southeast Block of the Map

The Southeast block of the map includes Lazy Lake, Retail Row, and Catty Corner. The best area of this block is the coastline because there are eight different campfires here along with many boats to travel up the coast.

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