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Genshin Impact Stellar Reunion: How To Get Prototype Rancour Sword

Stellar Reunion is the game’s welcome back mechanics in Genshin Impact. It allows you to collect rare items and participate in events if you haven’t played the game for a while. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Genshin Impact Stellar Reunion.

What Is Genshin Impact Stellar Reunion

If you want to participate in Stellar Reunion you must be eligible for it. MiHoYo has a pre-defined criteria for it i.e your Adventure Rank must be 10 or above and you have not logged in for at least 14 days since the 1.2 updates. If you have already activated it in the last 45 days you won’t be able to participate in it.

You will have only seven days to complete the event after it is activated. You can get Primogems, Fragile Resin, and more as the reunion rewards. You can also get some more Primogems, Fragile Resin, Hero’ Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and more as the daily login rewards.  You can use these to boost your characters and weapons.

Resin related activities like Leyline and Domains will also let you get double drops. Free Prototype Rancour is the main attraction for Stellar Reunion. It is a nice 4-star sword. You will get a special daily quest each day of the Stellar Reunion and you will get points by completing them. You will able to collect the prototype Rancour after collecting enough points.

You must grab the rewards before the event ends because all the unclaimed rewards will be lost after that.

Stop playing for two weeks is not worth it, as there are more rewards that you can earn by participating in the game’s event quests and daily quests. For example, there are several crystals that you can get through expeditions, and Northlander Sword Prototypes from the boss fights to make several Prototype Rancours.

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