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Cyberpunk 2077 Pisces Choice: What Is The Best Decision?

Pisces is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077 that you can do for Judy. In this quest, players will have help Judy in freeing clouds from Tyger Claw control while raiding the Mega building H8, where clouds are located.

Cyberpunk 2077 Pisces Side Quest

Players will have to meet Judy on the ground floor and then proceed to the maintenance. Players will have to kill three guards there and then go upstairs in the elevator. After reaching upstairs look down to the balcony located below the roof and dropdown. You must take out the civilian wandering around before going back inside. Once inside players will have to find a guard that is standing outside the door and neck-snap him before going inside. Maiko, who is currently supposed to help Judy free the clouds will make her play. Before going back she will offer the players some money.

There are some consequences of this quest that we have mentioned below.

Cyberpunk 2077 Pisces Choice Explained

Refuse Maiko’s Payment

Judy will still like them even if the players reduce the payment. After that, players will be able to get the next side job and players can also do romance with her. Maiko will still become clouds’ boss and players won’t have to fight Tiger Claws.

Ignore Maiko’s Payment

If the players choose to ignore Maiko’s payment and tell her that she’s gone too far, Judy will remain happy and Maiko will not become Cloud’s boss. But the players will have to kill the Tyger Claws. After killing them players will have to speak with Maiko. The players must not threaten her otherwise she will attack players and players will have to kill her. If you do this Judy will be upset.

Best Choice in Pisces Side Job?

The best decision of this quest is to ignore Maiko’s payment since the players will not need to kill her. But killing the Tyger Claw might have some blowback in the future but the players will be able to do romance with Judy. If the players want to gain the most tell Maiko to get lost.

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