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Black Ops Cold War Prestige Shop and Prestige Keys Explained

In Black Ops Cold War, the Prestige Shop is a new feature through which you can redeem special unlockables. In this guide, we will tell you where is Prestige Shop and how does it work.

You can redeem in-game rewards like Legacy Prestige Icons with Prestige Keys through the Prestige Shop. You can only get these in-game rewards if you have earned Prestige keys.

What are Prestige Keys and How Can You Get Them?

You will be awarded a prestige key every time you reach a milestone progression or Prestige.

In the Prestige Shop Prestige Keys works like Currency.

The Prestige keys can be earned on the following milestones:

  • Level 50
  • Level 100
  • Level 150
  • Level 200
  • Level 250-1000 (every 50 levels)

How Can You Unlock The Prestige Shop?

The Prestige shop will be unlocked when you reach season Level 200 and reach Prestige Master.

Where is The Prestige Shop In Black Ops Cold War?

The Prestige Shop would have arrived from the start of Season 1. But the shop hasn’t arrived yet as many players are complaining that it hasn’t been added to the game.

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