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Biomutant Max Level Cap and Max Stats Explained

In Biomutant players level up their custom character to gain power while learning new skills and powers, just like in other typical RPGs. In Biomutant players will eventually hit the level cap stop earning Upgrade points. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about the max stats in Biomutant.

What Is Max Level Cap In Biomutant?

Biomutant’s max level cap is level 50. Players in Biomutant stop leveling up after they reach the max level cap, which is level 50. Players can’t increase their stats or Upgrade points after level 50, so they should be happy with their max level build.

Sadly, players can’t change their class once they start the game. Players may be able to switch to a completely other build and begin the leveling process all over again. Players will be able to start another playthrough and begin to level up again, however, they can’t do it with an existing character.

Many players are also wondering that if Biomutant allows them to respec? So the answer is no it isn’t doable in Biomutant. Experiment 101, the game’s developer, is currently focusing on “delivering the best game possible.” While this indicates that no DLC is presently under development. This could also indicate that there are going to be quality of life changes coming in the future. Right now, all we can do is conjecture, although respeccing and changing classes could be included in a future update. Until then, in Biomutant the only way to get each class to the greatest level is by restarting adventure.

That’s everything you need to know about Max level in Biomutant.

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