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Biomutant Gun Crafting and How To Design Weapons

There are plenty of weapons for players to uncover and earn throughout the story in Biomutant, and there is a crafting system also in the game which shouldn’t be neglected. The crafting system in Biomutant not only allows players to design their own weapons but also lets them construct some very interesting combinations by mixing and matching components. This is to say, you can use everyday items that you find in dead zones and ruins, such as pens and trumpets as deadly weapon attachments.

Crafting might be overwhelming for newer RPG players due to the versatility they have in customizing their weapons. Players will have to go to the ‘Craft’ tab on the main menu and start crafting their weapons. Gun and other ranged weapons are a little more difficult to craft than melee weapons because they require some specialized components before they can be made. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Biomutant’s crafting system.

What Is Biomutant Gun Crafting System?

Press the right bumper (RB) to switch from melee to ranged weapons. The small number of components that make up the majority of Biomutant’s ranged weapons can be shown here:

Ranged Base

Players can choose from an Automatic Rifle, Gun, Rifle, or Shotgun as their weapon of choice.


Improves accuracy by changing the way the gun is held.


Changes the rate of fire as well as the ability to pierce armor.


Adds stability to the system, which enhances precision.

Top Mods

The majority of scopes improve accuracy and range.


The amount of bullets that can be held is increased.

The base, grip, and muzzle are the most important components of crafting a ranged weapon. It would be nearly impossible to fire any weapon without these three components, and this is especially true in Biomutant.

It’s important to keep in mind which type of gun is ideal for any given battle circumstances in Biomutant when choosing a ranged base. Automatic Rifles, for example, all have a faster rate of fire, making them ideal for dealing with waves of enemies. Shotguns have a huge advantage in close combat and against single targets, whereas rifles have a significant range advantage. The only other option would be guns, which would fall somewhere in between the other three.

Although the system is pretty aggressive, stats are another crucial factor to consider when crafting guns. Players don’t need to have weapon components in their possession before crafting and removing them doesn’t result in a penalty. That means that when the players explore the Biomutant’s universe and find better components, they can replace them on their weapon of choice or transfer liked components to a new weapon.

That’s everything you need to know about Biomutant’s Gun Crafting System.

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