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Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.19 Patch Details

Predator Hunting Grounds has been updated on PC and PS4 and the game is now available on Steam. Here are the complete patch notes for April 29 update.

This update brings a new map, Airstrip. Other changes include new unlockable cosmetics, custom private match modifiers, predator specializations, and more. Another change that has been made in this patch is the availability of Norse Hammer at level 28. You can get the complete set of patch notes below.

Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.19 Patch Notes

Free Update

  • New Map – Airstrip
  • Norse Hammer is now available at Level 28
  • New Predator Specializations (more info below)
  • New Custom Private Match modifiers (more info below)
  • New Unlockable Cosmetics (listed below)


  • Various fixes for optimization
  • Various crash fixes
  • Reinforcements radio now only appears once the reinforcements mission is available
  • Specializations are now default equipped
    • Removed the option to have no specialization
  • Added images for mouse thumb buttons when using custom key bindings
  • Jumping in water now properly displays water effects instead of mud
  • Fixed an issue where audio got too loud when loading into a map
  • Fixed being able to shoot through tents on Excavation

Custom Private Matches

  • Big Head Mode now affects boars
  • Big Head Mode now affects cinematics
  • New Modifiers
    • Split movement speed modifier between Fireteam/Predator
    • Split starting ammo modifier between Fireteam/Predator
    • Split gear count modifier between Fireteam/Predator
    • Added jump height modifier
    • Added air control modifier
    • Added fall damage modifier
    • Added biomask health modifier
    • Added Predator scanning speed modifier
    • Added boar count modifier
    • Added weapon locker count modifier
    • Added ammo crate count modifier
    • Added secondary objective modifier


  • General
    • Last Man Standing will now begin when all your other teammates are downed/dead instead of only applying once your teammates are dead
    • Fixed an issue where Fireteam members would not get idle kicked if they are in a bear trap
    • Fixed an issue where the HUD hide everything option was not working properly with the 10x scope
    • Fixed an issue where firing at the Smart Disc would not produce hit markers
    • Fireteam members no longer attempt to reload right after breaking out of a net
    • Fixed an issue where full head covers were not displaying properly in certain cinematics


  • General
    • Fixed an issue where the Viking Predator’s model was behaving erratically in the main menu
    • Fixed an issue where the Valkyrie Predator’s Gold and Platinum tints were not unlocking correctly
  • Classes
    • Valkyrie
      • Reduced Perk points from 14 to 12
      • Reduced health
      • Increased stamina regeneration while attacking
  • Weapons
    • Smart Disc
      • Increased disc count from 1 to 3
      • Lowered audio from Smart Disc while not boosted
      • Reduced default speed
      • Increased maximum speed
      • Increased control time
    • Yautja Bow
      • Fixed an issue where arrows that have been fired at an explosive barrel were not affected by the explosion
  • Perks
    • Impenetrable
      • Fixed an issue where the Impenetrable perk was not reducing hip fire damage
  • Specializations (NEW!)
    • Fervent (Hunter, Jungle Hunter ‘87, Samurai, Valkyrie)
      • Increased damage while all fireteam are alive and standing
    • Tactician (City Hunter ‘97, Hunter, Jungle Hunter ‘87)
      • Increased damage versus enemies that are trapped, netted, or interacting
    • Tracker (Hunter, Jungle Hunter ‘87)
      • Target isolation ignores mud (No effect in Clash)
    • Enraged (Berserker, Viking)
      • Increased speed and stamina regeneration while at low health
    • Vicious (Elder, Viking)
      • Opponents you down bleed out faster and take longer to revive (No effect in Clash)
    • Wrathful (Alpha Predator, Viking)
      • After receiving enemy fireteam damage from behind, your next melee attack deals increased damage
    • Ghost (Samurai, Scout, Valkyrie)
      • Attacking with melee from cloak deals additional damage
    • Warrior (Alpha Predator, Samurai)
      • Reduced parry stun duration
    • Savage (Berserker, Valkyrie)
      • Claiming restores health (No effect in Clash)
    • Assassin (Alpha Predator)
      • Increase all damage when attacking from behind
    • Brute (Berserker)
      • Increased damage inflicted when an attack is parried
    • Stalker (Elder)
      • Increased damage while at full stamina
    • Analytic (City Hunter ‘97, Scout)
      • Increased damage to fully scanned targets (Limited effect in Clash)
    • Focused (City Hunter ‘97, Elder)
      • Gain movement speed and energy regeneration after activating target isolation (No effect in Clash)
    • Disciplined (Scout)
      • Removes clicking noises while cloaked