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Diablo 3 Update 1.37 Details

Diablo 3 has been updated to version 1.37 today on February 20. The patch notes mention the addition of new content for the game.

Blizzard Entertainment has added new content for Diablo 3 to celebrate their 30th anniversary. This includes a Dark Murglrr Pet, a DArk Wanderer Portrait, Terror Unleashed Wings, and Wanderer’s Transmog Set. These are part of the various packs that have been released as part of the anniversary celebration. If you are interested, you can buy them from here. They start at $19.99 and go upwards of $59.99.

Diablo 3 Update 1.37 Patch Notes


– Addition of The Blizzard 30-Year Celebration Collection content.

Here are the details on this new content that is a part of the Celebration Collection Event.

Diablo III
Dark Murglrr Pet – Essentials Pack, Heroic PackEpic Pack
Dark Wanderer Portrait – Essentials Pack, Heroic PackEpic Pack
Terror Unleashed Wings – Heroic PackEpic Pack
Wanderer’s Transmog Set – Epic Pack

An ancient darkness is rising, and Diablo’s Dark Wanderer again seeks the east. Adopt the guise of Tristram’s fallen warrior in Diablo III with a terrifyingly familiar portrait and transmog set (helm, shoulders, chest, hands, legs, and feet), and travel to your grim destination with the Dark Murglrr pet at your side. At journey’s end, bear the mark of your doomed struggle upon your back with a pair of Terror Unleashed wings.

PC players can get these items in the Celebration Collection from the Blizzard Shop. For console players, these in-game items are available in the Blizzard 30-Year Celebration Collection for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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