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Black Desert Update 1.57 Details

Black Desert has been updated to version 1.57 on PS4 implementing a number of bug fixes as mentioned in the patch notes for the game.

Black Desert was updated on October 7th to add support for new online events and more. The update today appears to relate to fixing some bugs that were introduced in the last update. On the official website, there are currently no mentions of a patch note for this new update so we don’t have an idea on what is fixed.

There is a small adjustment made to the O’dyllita Launch Events which will now begin on October 13, so this update could coincide with the new timings for that event.

Black Desert Update 1.57 Patch Notes

  • Pending

Here are all the new events with the last major update.

O’dyllita Launch Events

  • Event 1: Event 1. Trade with the trio
  • Period: Period: October 7 (after maintenance)–October 13 (23:59 UTC) *Updated
    • Choose a supply delivery NPC to trade off your [Event] Supply Box items with Gold Bar 10G. Your choice will decide which additional Hot Time boost you will get with the following maintenance.
  • Event 2. Travel with Rulupee
  • Period: October 7 (after maintenance)–October 21 (before maintenance)
    • Find Rulupee travelling all over O’dyllita and complete consecutive quests to obtain Contribution EXP rewards.
  • Event 3. Flower in the Darkness
  • Period: October 7 (after maintenance)–October 21 (before maintenance)
    • Find and gather Delotia that blooms all over O’dyllita which can be processed to get [Event] Emeracia’s Elixir Recipe.
  • Event 4. Flower of the Burning Moon
  • Period: October 7 (after maintenance)–November 11 (before maintenance)
    • Complete all of O’dyllita main quests in order to get Mass of Pure Magic x5, Advice of Valks (+60) x1, and [Event] Enhancement Help Kit II x1.

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