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Xbox Game Studios To Focus On 60 FPS+ For Their Games Going Forward

Xbox Game Studios will focus on games running at 60 FPS and above going forward according to the reputable insider Klobrille.

While the early cross-generation games managed to run at 60 FPS on the current-generation consoles, most were expecting this to change as more exclusives start appearing for the current-generation consoles. In this regard, we don’t have any insight on what will happen with future PlayStation exclusives but when it comes to the Xbox exclusives, we do have an idea that Microsoft is going to focus on 60 FPS for their first-party games.

According to the reputable Xbox insider Klobrille, one of the reasons why Microsoft will focus on getting their games running at 60 FPS and beyond is xCloud.

“Xbox from here on will keep focusing on 60FPS (& beyond) rendering, and xCloud is a huge reason for that,” said Klobrille. When pressed upon this comment, Klobrille replied that while there will always be exceptions, this will become the focus of Microsoft’s future projects. “Exceptions will always exist. I wouldn’t ever say “all” — that would not be clever – but the general target is 60 FPS+ across the board.”

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Many of the games that were released recently have been boosted to run at 60 FPS or even 120 FPS. This is even part of a bigger marketing push with the FPS Boost feature of the Xbox Series consoles. It allows Microsoft to go above the frame rate limit set by the developers for some of the older games and push the performance even higher. There are close to 90 games with the FPS Boost feature that are available on the Xbox Series consoles.

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