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Biomutant Infinite Damage Exploit and How To Use It

Biomutant is an action role-playing game and it has a lot to offer players to explore like weapons, mounts, puzzles, and much more. There is an Infinite Damage exploit we found in Biomutant and in this guide we will tell you about this Biomutant’s exploit.

How To Use Biomutant Infinite Damage Exploit

In Biomutant, Infinite Damage exploit is pretty crazy. It takes time but you can kill enemies without actually fighting them at all. First of all, you will have to go to your character, go to mutations, then go to biogenetics and buy the rad wisps. It will cost you six bio points. After purchasing it, equip on whatever button you want and then resume playing the game.

This ability allows you to hit the enemies with the wisps without even interacting with them. To use this exploit, all you have to do is use the rad wisp ability and then pause the game and it will keep using the ability while the game is paused and hitting the enemies. So to abuse this to the maximum level, you will have to equip gear that gives you energy regen and max out energy regen, and if you feel like building for it then you can build all intellect. You will just have to get as much energy regen as possible.

After getting the energy regen all you have to do is resume the combat and run for a few seconds to let your energy regen, and then use it again and pause the game. You can repeat this again and again as long all the enemies are dead. You can also use items like energy packs so that you can regen faster but they are not infinite so it’s up to you if you want to waste them.

That’s everything you need to know about the Infinite Damage Exploit of Biomutant.

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