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Xbox Germany Teases a Fan-Favorite Title Returning To Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass will get a fan-favorite title soon according to a tease by Xbox Germany. The Medium is also confirmed for Xbox Game Pass on PC this month.

Game Pass Twitter account usually shares teases on what they are planning to launch in January. These teasers are usually given in different formats, and one of them is corporate email. These are emails that hint at potential upcoming games.

In a new tweet by Xbox Germany, the Twitter account has shared a teaser for an upcoming game that is a fan-favorite and will make a return to the service again.

This also confirms that The Medium will launch on the same day and date for Game Pass for PC as it will for Xbox One.

As for what is the fan-favorite title, the easiest answer is Fallout 4 since it was removed from the service and after the Bethesda acquisition by Microsoft, it can be added back. However, some theories range from Grand Theft Auto V to Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Microsoft will share an update on the new Game Pass announcement in the coming days.

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