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Resident Evil Village Is Longer Than VII, Has 3D Audio and No Load Times For Immersion

Resident Evil Village won’t have any load times and support 3D Audio on PS5. The game is also going to be longer than Resident Evil VII.

In a new interview with Official PlayStation Magazine UK (March 2021 Issue 185), Resident Evil Village’s producer Peter Fabiano has talked a bit about the PS5 exclusive features and the length of the game itself.

When talking about the SSD offered in the PS5, Fabiano claims that it will lead to “virtually eliminating load times allowing players to keep the feeling of immersion.” Another factor that will help build immersion for the player is the 3D Audio support as explained by Fabiano: “You’ll be fully bathed in audio from all directions.”

Resident Evil VII had a modest game length. It took an average of 10 hours to play and beat the game the first time, provided you weren’t stuck at puzzles or boss fights for too long. According to Peter Fabiano, the upcoming Resident Evil Village is longer than its predecessor.

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“I’ll just say it’s much larger than what players experienced in Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, ” said Fabiano during the interview.

Resident Evil Village, also known as Resident Evil VIII, will bring back the infamous Merchant in a new form, so there is going to additional replay value for those who like to customize and tweak their inventory and loadout when playing through the game.

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