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Jim Ryan: Ghost of Tsushima is the “Poster Child” for Organic Growth, Sucker Punch Is a “Top Tier” Studio

Jim Ryan is highly impressed by the success of Ghost of Tsushima developed by Sucker Punch and has listed them as a top tier studio.

In an interview with GQ, Jim Ryan had nothing but positive words regarding the success of Sucker Punch during the current generation of consoles.

“Lately I find myself really thrilled with the way Ghost Of Tsushima has outperformed everybody’s expectations, ” said Jim. “The team at Sucker Punch did Infamous: Second Son at the start of the generation and then they kind of did a little bit of internal R&D with this concept of a West Coast US studio making a game about medieval Japan.”

“We were a little bit sceptical about it when there were Japanese developers who’ve done that in the past, but they hung on in there and the game has catapulted them into the top tier of our world class studios. As a poster child for the organic growth in our studios over the course of this generation it’s probably the best example we have.”

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Ghost of Tsushima was the fastest-selling new IP developed by SIE Worldwide Studios. It has now sold through 5 million copies worldwide and recently received a free DLC update adding multiplayer mode for PS4 and PS5