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Battlefield 2021 Leaked Screenshots Show Robotic Dog, Rockets, More

Battlefield 2021 has been confirmed by EA but with no glimpse of the actual game. This has led to some people leaking screenshots from an internal trailer.

The most credible leaker when it comes to any details shared for Battlefield 2021 is Tom Henderson. Just earlier this month, various screenshots from a supposed trailer were leaked for the game. They were confirmed to be the real deal by Tom Henderson.

Today, an unknown source who goes by nickname hi93048234 dropped a new set of screenshots from the trailer on the Discord server managed by Tom Henderson. These images were poorly watermarked and shared with rage faces blocking identifiable info to protect the leaker, and they have been cleaned up by a reddit user.

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The cleaned-up images appear to show rockets flying into space, a group of soldiers being bombed, and a robotic dog. While they are not exactly useful by any means, they still give a glimpse of the modern setting that will be featured in the upcoming Battlefield.

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The leaker who shared these screenshots also had the following to say as a form of tease. “Levolution shall appear. Levolution shall disappear. Levolution is once only brought by the wizard.”

Battlefield 2021 has been confirmed to be a cross-generation game.  Despite this, EA CEO Andrew Wilson has said that the game will take “full advantage of the power of next-generation platforms to bring massive and immersive battles to life with more players than ever.”

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