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Diablo IV Alpha Possibly Discovered On PlayStation Servers

Diablo IV might not be out this year but apparently, an Alpha was uploaded to the official PlayStation servers with a file size of 40.9 GB.

PlayStation 5 games tracker database had an unknown game listed that was roughly 40.9 GB. As we dig deeper in the file, it can be found that the game has a codename “WELOOOOVEDOGS”. Moreover, as shared by this Twitter user, the .json can be downloaded for this game and it appears to show an icon for Diablo IV.

Activision has already confirmed that they are not releasing Diablo IV this year, but the game getting a closed Alpha/Beta test is still a possibility. While this might not be a full game, it could an early test that has been uploaded on the PlayStation servers.

It was initially assumed that this is for a Call of Duty game, but this didn’t turn out to be the case based on the datamining of the file uploaded to the PlayStation Servers.

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Back in February during Blizzcon, it was confirmed that the game won’t launch in 2021. While it has been in development for quite a few years, it is possible that this new Alpha test is released in 2021. In the past, such early leaks have happened with high-profile games on the PlayStation Servers including Resident Evil 3 Remake and Final Fantasy VII Remake. In the case of Final Fantasy VII Remake, a demo was already uploaded to servers almost three months before it was announced and released to the public.

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