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Returnal Datacube Location and What To Do With Them

In Returnal players have found a secret compartment concealed behind a destructible wall that contains a Datacube, but you must locate the Datacube processor. So in this guide, we will explain to you what the “matching device” means in Returnal.

You will likely find datacubes in Returnal’s first one or two biomes. You can also pick up some special Datacube items. Since it takes up a separate space in your inventory, you can only have one at a time. If you want to pick up another after you have had one, it will drop the first one. You can choose which to bring with you, but in the end, you will want to collect them all.

Returnal Datacube Location and Use

There’s a fair chance you will find a Datacube in the space immediately following the boss after you beat the first boss. However, in the first biome, there is a hidden wall that can be broken, so you can find one sooner. It appears to be cracked and broken, and all it wants is a helping hand. In any case, you will have to find a Datacube Processor after you have got a Datacube.

One can be found immediately after the room, in the boss battle. This means you can deposit one datacube and then catch the other if you find it in the first biome and are lucky enough to defeat the boss in the same run.

Some of the users of Datacubes are that they grant permanent buffs and items that can be included in future runs. To start with, you can find the first datacube after defeating the first boss. In the first biome, there is always a wall that can be broken down to reveal a hidden Datacube. Once you get the Datacube, carry it before the first boss is defeated. You can unlock the item as a reward by using the Datacube on the Datacube Processor.