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Returnal Best Weapons and What To Use In Boss Fights

Your Returnal best weapons choices, aside from the starting gun are determined by the random level generation. Unfortunately, the best Returnal Weapons will not appear on every run. That’s just the nature of rogue-lites because you have to start from the beginning each time. So if you have the option of choosing between different Returnal weapons, make sure you choose the best Returnal Weapons. We have made a list below of all the Returnal’s best weapons, so just take a look at it.

The Best Weapons In Returnal

Tachyomatic Carbine:

The Tachyomatic Carbine is the closest thing to an assault rifle you will find on Atropos. The Tachyomatic Carbine has different modes depending on weapon traits, such as a slower rate of fire with higher damage per shot or akin to a chain gun that fires faster the longer you keep the trigger down for, but in either case, it is the best all-round weapon in Returnal that can deal serious damage up close or from a distance. It’s particularly effective against flying foes.

The Spitmaw Blaster:

The Spitmaw Blaster is the Returnal world’s shotgun, which means it knows what it’s supposed to do and does it well. When you are in the face of enemies and need to get around as fast as possible, firing from the hip works well, or you can aim down the sights to concentrate your shots and strike targets that are slightly farther away. It isn’t as versatile as the Tachyomatic Carbine but it will do the job.

Atropian Blade:

The Atropian Blade is extremely effective against smaller enemies, you will have the sword with you (once you unlock it for the first time) so it’s a bit of a cheat. If you test this weapon on the Overgrown Ruin’s regular foes, you will find out that all of them will be killed with one hit. This weapon is also very valuable for finishing off tougher enemies in later areas like the Derelict Citadel.

Electropylon Driver:

Last but not least, there’s the Electropylon Driver. You won’t find it right away, you will have to progress through the game to unlock this lightning-themed weapon. But, once you do, don’t pass it up. This effectively fires pylons at enemies and surfaces, causing damage over time.

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