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Resident Evil Village Goats Location and Where To Find Them

Resident Evil Village is finally out now, and it’s developed and published by Capcom. It’s a survival horror game, and it’s the tenth installment of the Resident Evil Series. It uses a first-person perspective same as Resident Evil 7 and the same inventory management system as Resident Evil 4. Players will have to find several things in order to unlock different achievements/Trophies in the game. Goats are one of these things that players will have to find in order to unlock a Trophy in Resident Evil Village.

In Resident Evil Village, there are 20 goats in total and players will have to find all of them to unlock the “Heretic” Trophy/Achievement in the game. In this guide, we will tell you the locations of all the goats of warding that you need to find in Resident Evil Village.

All Resident Evil Village Goats of Warding Location

The challenge menu which is located in the Pause Menu will be unlocked after you complete the story. You can keep track of how many goats you found under the “Heretic” Challenge. However, you can’t know which ones exactly you got, so you will have to manually search all of their locations again in case you don’t remember.

Here are the locations of all the goats of warding available in Resident Evil Village:


Goat # 1:

Location: Village 1F, Graveyard.

You will find a goat collectible in the little shrine on the right side when you first reach the Village Graveyard after Lycan Ambush.

Goat # 2:

Location: Village 1F, Church.

You will find a goat on the rooftop of the church, look up at the roof when you enter the gate to church and you will see a goat collectible there.

Goat # 3:

Location: Village 1F, Fallow Plot

You will come to some cornfields after you exit the church, some Lycans will be roaming in the field, kill them. There will be stairs leading up on the left side behind the cornfields. You will see a goat collectible on a wall at the end of the stairs.

Goat # 4:

Location: Underground (Mines) 1F, Vineyard

You will come to the snowy vineyard with scarecrows after you exit the mines and go back outside. You will find a goat collectible near the scarecrow on the right side in the snow.

Goat # 5:

Location: Castle Dimitrescu B1, Basement

Go down into the basement after solving the statue puzzle and you will find a goat collectible on the floor right in front of you.

Goat # 6:

Location: Castle Dimitrescu RF, Attic

Go to the attic through the ladder after solving the 5 Bells puzzle and going through Lady Dimitrescu’s portrait. When you get to the top of the ladder you will find a goat collectible right behind you.

Goat # 7:

Location: Village 1F, Lone Road (2nd Visit)

After fighting Lady Dimitrescu boss, you will encounter some enemies on your way back to the village, go down to the draw bridge through the wooden stairs on the left side. You will find a goat collectible under the stairs.


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Goat # 8:

Location: Village 1F, West Old Town (2nd Visit)

You will come across a new type of enemy that looks quite big and has claws to attack soon after you raise a tractor by using the Jack Handle and then crawl under the tractor. There’s a gate with a padlock on it and a note on it that says “Missing Owners” on the left of where you will come across this enemy. To open the gate melee the padlock and then enter the yard. You will find a collectible goat on the small roof between the House with Missing Owners and the nearby shack.

Goat # 9:

Location: Village 1F, Graveyard (2nd Visit)

Turn right after going through the Iron Insignia gate in the northeast of the churchyard, and you will find a goat collectible between the crypt building and the ground wall.


Goat # 10:

Location: Village 1F, Suspension Bridge (2nd Visit)

On the way to House Beneviento, you will have to cross the wooden suspension bridge, While on the bridge look to the left and you will see another bridge with a goat collectible on it.

Goat # 11:

Location: Village 1F, House Beneviento, Outside (2nd Visit)

Don’t go inside instead, follow the front porch around to the left and go down through another set of stairs to a fenced when you reach “House Beneviento.” You will find a goat collectible outside the fence.

Goat # 12:

Location: Moreau Section, First Windmill

You will have to go to a windmill after you reach the Sluice Gate Control building where a Duke Merchant is located. You will find a crank there but it breaks off when you interact with it. You will find the goat collectible at the very end on the outside top deck of the windmill before entering the inside of the windmill.

Goat # 13:

Location: Moreau Section, Switch Platform

You will reach the area with the three colored switches on it while moving through the area, avoiding Moreau as he swims around and tries to knock you off the floating platforms. Look on the left side while facing back the way you came and there you will see a goat collectible sitting on top of a pole sticking out of the water.

Goat # 14:

Location: Village 1F, Moreau Area

Return to where you got in the boat after the Moreau boss fight (the one that required the boat key and you drove around in it). The water has now drained there. You will find a goat collectible on the left side of the broken windmill.

Goat # 15:

Location: Village 1F, Otto’s Mill (4th Visit)

Go through the village’s northwest gate, which requires a Six-Winged Unborn Key. You will then see a yellow sign “Good Luck”. Don’t go straight up the stairwell, instead turn left. You will arrive at Otto’s Mill through this path. You will find a goat collectible in a little shrine underneath the mill.

Goat # 16:

Location: Stronghold B1:

You will come to a spiral staircase leading down after you encounter a large number of enemies and reach up to the stronghold. You will find a goat collectible on the right at the bottom of the spiral staircase.

Goat # 17:

Location: Heisenberg’s Factory B2, Ventilation Duct

You will reach a point where you will start spinning through the air when a ventilator blade tries to drag you in (a scripted part of the story). To avoid being shredded by the ventilator, shoot it. Turn around and walk to the “balcony” in the same area after you land on your feet. You will find a goat collectible sitting on one of the excavator shovels on the balcony. Pay attention to the sound it makes because it blends in well.


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Goat # 18:

Location: Heisenberg’s Factory, Merchant Elevator from B1 to B3

Take the elevator from B1 to B3 where the Duke is located. Look in the direction where the door of the elevator opens to B1/B3. You can see the goat collectible on a red railing during the elevator ride. Have your shotgun ready to shoot when the elevator is moving; it will only be visible for around 2 seconds. You can take the elevator as many times as you need to hit it.

Note: The goat will spawn later when you push a vehicle (artillery) into the elevator, and you will be able to shoot it with the vehicle if you forgot to collect it.


Goat # 19:

Location: Heisenberg’s Factory B1:

Immediately after beating Sturm, you will find this goat collectible in the room. A part of the wall is missing, you will have to crawl in to get the goat collectible at the end. Just before going to the cargo bay.

Goat # 20:

Location: After Heisenberg Boss Fight

Chris throws an explosive at Megamycete (bug fetus hanging from cave ceiling) after the cutscene. You won’t be able to walk past spikes in a dark corner, but behind them, in a pretty dark place, will be a woman statue and you will find a goat collectible sitting in front of it. Because of the darkness, it’s difficult to see. (This section does not have a map view).

These are the locations of all the goats of warding you need to unlock the “Heretic” trophy/achievement in Resident Evil Village.

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