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Resident Evil Village Treasures: Where To Find All Treasure Chests, Location, Solution, and Reward

Resident Evil Village is finally out, and there is a total of eight marked treasure chests on its map. Duke will mark the treasure chests on the map during the story before you go to get the second flask. In this guide, we will tell you the locations of all the treasures and how to get them in Resident Evil Village.

All Resident Evil Village Treasure Chest Locations

You will find with a weapon or a precious item from the treasure chests, you can then sell them to Duke for a large amount of Lei. You can get all of the treasure chests except Beneviento’s Treasure during later Village Visits before the point of no return (Factory).

We have listed all the treasures below in the order in which you can get them during the story. You can get all of them before going to the Factory which is the point of no return except Beneviento’s Treasure.

  • Resident Evil Village Luzia’s Heirloom:


This treasure chest is located in front of Luzia’s House, and you will get a Necklace Stone (8000 Lei), Cesare’s Goblet (19,000 Lei).

After you return from Castle Dimetrecu, this is the first treasure that you can get. Return to Luzia’s house via the Fallow Plot area, and on the front steps of the house, you will see a treasure chest that contains Luzia’s Necklace. Now you will have to inspect this item in the inventory’s Key Items section. You will get the Necklace Stone after you inspect it for the first time which is a treasured item you can sell, and then you will get Luzia’s Key after inspecting it for a second time. Go to the first room to the left along the path to the Ritual Site, and you will find a chest sitting there. Open the chest by using this key to get Cesare’s Goblet.

  • Resident Evil Village Beneviento’s Treasure:


This Treasure chest is located in the graveyard before the door you go through leading to Beneviento House. You will get a Berengario’s Chalice (18,000 Lei).

After you get the flask from Beneviento house, you will be able to get this treasure. You will have to grab the Headstone Slab first which is located in a crypt in the Graveyard area in front of the gate leading to Castle Dimetrescu before you can obtain the treasure. This item is missable, if you don’t grab this item now before dealing with Moreau, the crypt door will close and you won’t be able to get it this playthrough. Return to the graveyard area in front of the door leading to House Beneviento with the headstone piece in hand. You will encounter a miniboss, who will have a large ax when you return. Interact with the coffin on the ground and put the Headstone Slab in the spot to open the coffin, after killing the mini-boss, and you will get Berengario’s Chalice.

  • Resident Evil Village WaterWheel Weapon:


You will find this weapon inside the building that is locked With Iron Insignia Key door in East Old Town. You will get a GM 79 Grenade Launcher, or 20,000 Lei if you already have the weapon.

You can now return to this building with the locked door when heading to Moreau’s area. Simply open the door by using Iron Insignia Key to get Gm 79 Grenade Launcher or 20,000 Lei if you already have the weapon and starting a new playthrough.

  • Resident Evil Village Maestro’s Collection:


You will find this weapon inside Luthier’s House in West Old Town. You will get Steel Hrasevelgr (14,000 Lei), F2 Rifle – High Capacity Mag. weapon part, or 10,000 Lei if you already have this weapon part.

During the story, you might have noticed this house with a locked door while going to the house with a red chimney. You can get the Luthier’s Key from Gardener’s House when coming back from House Beneviento. Return to the house and use the key to open the door, then go inside and check the cabinet in the back. Use code 270917 to open the cabinet. You will find the Steel Hraesvelgr treasure item and the F2 Rifle – High Capacity Mag. weapon part, or 10,000 Lei if you already have the weapon part inside the cabinet

  • Resident Evil Village Moreau’s Hidden Weapon


You will find this hidden weapon in Moreau’s Lab area inside the house at the end of a locked door. You will get an M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum weapon or 30,000 if you already have the weapon.

When you are returning to the village after defeating Moreau, you can use the crank on the door leading to Moreau’s laboratory. You can crunch through a hole in the wall, in the building at the end to get the M1851 Wolfsbane weapon from the chest or 30,000 Lei if you already have this weapon.

  • Resident Evil Village Riverbank Treasure House:


You will this treasure inside the treasure room that is under the castle. Use the boat from Lone Road bridge to get to this castle. You will get a Golden Lady Statue (20,000 Lei).

You will have a crank and a boat key after you return from Moreau’s area. In the Lone Road area, use the crank to lower the bridge and then go to the dock, and use the boat to reach another dock by taking it to the north up the river. You can lower another bridge here that gets you back to the area you were in after leaving Castle Dimetrescu, or to an area under the castle. You will have to solve two puzzles here in order to get the treasure.

First, you will have to light two torches on the outside with the torch in the middle, which will open the two doors on the sides of the room.

Second, you will have to aim the torch at the Moroaica that will spawn from one of the doors, and then light up the torch in the other room by leading it there while it’s on fire, which will open the door at the end. Go through the door after it’s open to grab the Golden Lady statue.

  • Resident Evil Village Cannibal’s Plunder:


You will find it in the locked room after you defeat the miniboss in Otto’s Mill. You will Get a Father Nichola’s Angel (22,000 Lei).

You will encounter a miniboss holding an ax and guarding a Locked door in Otto’s Mill. kill the miniboss and then go through the locked door, you will find a room full of assorted meat, and you will find a chest that contains Father Nicola’s Angel in the next hallway.

  • Resident Evil Village Treasure Under the Stronghold:


You will find it in the next room after you get the fourth flask. You will get a Guglielmo’s Plate (25,000 Lei).

You go through the Stronghold to get the fourth flask during the story. You will find Guglielmo’s Plate in the next room to the left after the flask.

That’s everything you need to know about treasures locations and how to get them in Resident Evil Village.

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