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Marvel’s Avengers: What Is Best Exotic Gear, Best Tip For Farming Exotic Gear and How To Find It

Marvel’s Avengers is a loot-based brawler so there is plenty of gear to find in the game. Here’s a guide on how to get the best exotic gear.

Exotic gear is incredibly rare and thus hard to find in the game. If you have played games like Destiny or The Division then you will have an idea of their rarity. The only way possible to get exotic gear is in very late of the game. This is only possible after finishing the main campaign, which is reportedly 10 to 12 hours long. These rare items will be the centerpieces of your builds, but don’t expect them to come easily. These are the best ways to get exotics in Marvel’s Avengers.

How to Get Exotic Gear in Marvel’s Avengers

This is possible in the late game when you attempt high-level missions. They are found by completing missions, opening chests, and defeating enemies. Exotic gear is red and is much rarer than anything else in the game. It can only be found once your character is at a very high level. While they can be found near the late game, they are not as unique as in other loot-base games. You do get buffs and percentage increases. These are high-level items so you need to meet their level cap as these have been found to be as high as level 130.

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You can actually get a few guaranteed exotics from certain missions, but only Major Artifacts. The Sacred Norn Stone of Lethal Will is acquired partially through the mission not long after arriving at the Ant Hill, while Tactigon is gotten in the wake of completing the primary story. In the Avengers Initiative mode, finishing the Reigning Supreme will compensate you with Dark Hold. Each of these is a Major Artifact, which means they give a lift to your level that tops out at +10. You’ll require one of these to hit the current level top of 150, as the gear alone can just carry you to 140.

How To Farm Exotic Gear

There are three different ways to cultivate exotics in Marvel’s Avengers. The first is to play War Zone missions and do the entirety of the optional objectives. The Utah Badlands War Zones are the best places to do this as there are a few focal points in that area. Just load into a mission and explore each question mark you see when you enact Tactical Awareness (up on the d-pad). Thusly, you’ll discover a lot of chests and significant level foes to boost your odds of getting that fortunate drop.

The second method is to run Drop Zones as rapidly as possible under the circumstances. Drop Zones are the briefest missions in Marvel’s Avengers, and they essentially only feature combat from start to finish. This technique cuts back all the excess of exploring a War Zone map and just lets you beat up bad guy after bad guy until you knock an exotic out of one of them.

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At long last, running Hives is your smartest option for getting exotic gear in Marvel’s Avengers. Hives are the most difficult missions in the game. They compel you to the battle floor after floor of foes and give extraordinary prizes on the off chance that you do well enough. Mega Hives are planned to come to the game with a post-launch update and these will likely offer an even greater challenge and give greater rewards in turn. AIM’s secret lab will also be a great way to farm gear, but that will also be coming to Avengers at a later date. Exotics are incredibly rare, but these activities will maximize your chances of getting that elusive drop.

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