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Hood Outlaws & Legends Trophies/Achievements and How To Get Them

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is an adventure video game released by Focus Home Interactive and produced by Sumo Newcastle. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S on May 10. Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a third-person action video game with a multiplayer mode. Players will have to take control of an outlaw who must infiltrate a keep belonging to the State, an authoritarian power, and battle against a competing team to steal the treasure hidden in the Keep’s vault.

In this guide, we have made a list of all the trophies/achievements and how to unlock them in Hood: Outlaws & Legends.

Hood Outlaws & Legends All Trophies and Achievements

Here is the list of all the trophies/achievements and how to unlock them in Hood Outlaws & Legends:


How To Unlock

Urban Myth

Thieving every trophy is proof that your epic deeds will forever live in historic folklore!

A Key to Rule Them All

Steal the Key from the Sheriff (4v4 Heist)

Most Wanted

Kill an enemy objective carrier, Key, or Chest, and reclaim it (4v4 Heist)

Laying Claim

Reclaim a Capture Point from the enemy team (4v4 Heist)

My Precious

Successfully extract the Chest for the first time (4v4 Heist)

The Hood, the Bad and the Ugly

Complete a match with a team of unique characters (4v4 Heist)

Light the Campfire

Upgrade the Hideout for the first time

Lincoln Green

Purchase and equip a Cosmetic

Challenge Accepted

Complete a set of Daily Challenges

Forest Guardian

Kill an enemy player who is attempting to assassinate a team-mate (4v4 Heist)

Equipped For Action

Equip a Perk in each of the available slots for any character

This. Is. Sherwood.

Upgrade the Hideout to Rank 10

National Treasure

Reach Rank 10 with a single character

Merry Men

Reach Rank 10 with 4 different characters

A Local Hero

Reach Player Rank 25

A Living Legend

Reach Player Rank 100

The Ballad Unfolds…

Piece together one set of Legends

…The Ballad Ends

Piece together all of the Legends

Petty Thief

Steal 25% of the Trinkets

Assassin’s Greed

Steal 100% of the Trinkets

Hold The Gate!

As John, lift a Portcullis and let a Chest carrying team-mate through (4v4 Heist)

Man Mountain

As John, kill 5 enemies in a row using melee attacks without dying (4v4 Heist)


As Marianne, kill multiple enemies with a single burst of bolts (4v4 Heist)

Faceless Wraith

As Marianne, assassinate 3 enemies within a single Ability use (4v4 Heist)

Master Archer

As Robin, headshot an enemy player from over 50 meters (4v4 Heist)

Young Wolf

As Robin, kill multiple enemy players with a single arrow (4v4 Heist)

Lord of Light

As Tooke, restore 500 hit points of health to team-mates within a single Ability use (4v4 Heist)

A Higher Power

As Tooke, highlight 10 or more enemy targets within a single Ability use (4v4 Heist)

Sleep Tight…

Perform an assassination on another player (4v4 Heist)

Silence is Easy

Executed by The Sheriff (4v4 Heist)

Sliding Through The Glen

Following High Alert or Lockdown, slide underneath a Portcullis shortly before closing (4v4 Heist)

Fall from Grace

Kill an enemy player whilst they are climbing a rope or ladder (4v4 Heist)

Making Marks

Kill an enemy tagged by a team-mate, or have a team-mate kill an enemy you have tagged (4v4 Heist)


Complete a match on 5 maps (4v4 Heist)

Heroic Deeds

Successfully extract the Chest on 5 maps (4v4 Heist)

Toss a Coin to Your Yeoman

Spend a minimum of 20,000 Gold


Carry the Chest from the Vault and, without dropping it, deposit it onto the Winch (4v4 Heist)


Claim three successive Chest notches without the winch interaction being disrupted (4v4 Heist)

Backwood Butcher

Within a single match, kill 4 unique players on the enemy team (4v4 Heist)

Infamous Outlaw

Score over 2,500 points in a single match (4v4 Heist)

God of Death

Kill 3 enemy players within 5 seconds (4v4 Heist)

You Win or You Die

Steal the Chest extraction, after the enemy team has claimed the first 6 notches (4v4 Heist)

Strike that, Reverse it

Disrupt the enemy team during the final stages of Extraction, 90% progress or more (4v4 Heist)

You Get Nothing, Good Day

Own all Capture Points simultaneously (4v4 Heist)

…Not Today

Avoid dying for the entire duration of a match and successfully extract the Chest (4v4 Heist)

…The Pack Survives

Within 10m of a team-mate, perform a synchronized assassination on an enemy (4v4 Heist)

Time is a Precious Thing

Successfully extract the Chest within 12 minutes (4v4 Heist)

The Suspense is Terrible…

Successfully extract the Chest without killing anyone on the enemy team (4v4 Heist)

Fear Cuts Deeper

Lure a State Guard into a bush then assassinate them from within it (4v4 Heist)

Under The Influence

Kill an enemy player who is affected by a Flash or Poison (4v4 Heist)

You Shall…Pass

Open the Vault for the first time (4v4 Heist)

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock all the Trophies/Achievements in Hood Outlaws & Legends.

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