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Hood Outlaws & Legends Crossplay and How To Use It For PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Hood Outlaws and Legends was released for Early Access last week, but now it is available for everyone. Some people have asked whether Hood Outlaws and Legends is crossplay, and in this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about how cross-platform multiplayer works.

A new map and character have been announced for the game’s post-release support. There will also be Seasons and Battle Passes, which are becoming increasingly important in multiplayer games. In this guide, we will explain how crossplay works in Hood Outlaws & Legends and how you can use it.

How To Use Crossplay In Hood Outlaws & Legends

Yes, there is a cross-platform multiplayer available in Hood Outlaws and Legends. Hood Outlaws and Legends will have cross-play and cross-platform multiplayer at launch according to publisher Focus Home Interactive, but there is one major drawback to be aware of.

Before we get into how multiplayer works on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, you must keep in mind that this primarily a PvPvE game. The game’s Steam page describes that two teams of four players compete to pull off the perfect heist, and the PSN store notes that it supports up to eight players online through PS Plus.

A FAQ has been provided by Focus Home Interactive to illustrate how crossplay works in Hood Outlaws and Legends. According to the FAQ, cross-platform matchmaking is available, but at launch, Hood Outlaws and Legends does not allow crossplay invites. Players can enjoy the game without having to build a “Hood account” due to this flaw, which should make the game run more smoothly at launch. Unfortunately, this means that crossplay invites between PS4, PC, and Xbox One are no longer possible.

You can’t invite unique friends from different platforms to join your squad, but you can play cross-platform multiplayer through natural making, which reduces queue times. You can opt-out of cross-platform matchmaking, according to Reddit, and crossplay invites can be introduced after launch, according to the FAQ article. However, because of the amount of work required to introduce the feature, the FAQ states that it will be determined by how many fans really want it.

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