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Hitman 3 Secret Ending and How To Unlock It

Hitman 3 carries a secret ending that has to be unlocked by fulfilling various objectives. Here’s a guide that will help you complete it.

Hitman 3 was released earlier this week. It has been a commercial and critical success for the game’s developer IO Interactive. If you want to unlock the secret ending, be warned that there are potential spoilers related to the story of the game. If you want to read them, go ahead and check out the article.

How To Unlock Hitman 3 Secret Ending

After the end of Agent 47’s journey in the latest game, he will come face to face with Arthur Edwards. At this point, the player can check Edward’s wardrobe for a silenced pistol, find carbon wire that can be used to garrote him or use any of their current weapon arsenals.

One of the solutions to tackling this problem is to inject Edwards with a memory-erasing serum, which will leave him alive but without any knowledge of Agent 47. If you are a little patient, grab the syringe and don’t use it. After waiting a full minute, Edward will ask Agent 47 to use the syringe on himself and if the player injects Agent 47, he will go to sleep. He will wake up in a familiar padded cell where he will be once again ready to follow orders and serve Providence.

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