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Hitman 3 Mysterious Switch and How To Activate It

In Hitman 3’s Dartmoor mission there is a mysterious switch in the library of the mansion. You won’t be able to activate it on your first try because you will need a special item to do it.  Once you activate the switch you will get access to a secret room in which you will find a clue that can change the course of your murder investigation. In this guide, we will tell you what special item you need to activate the switch, and where to find it in Hitman 3.

How To Active Hitman 3 Mysterious Switch

You will have to get a crowbar first. You can find one on the east side of the mansion inside a crate next to the grocery van. After you got the crowbar, go inside the mansion and go up the stairs to level 1.

Go to Emma & Gregory’s room and open the door by using the crowbar. Once you are inside the room turn right and you will see a walking cane against the dresser. Pick up the cane. It’s a secret item required to activate the switch.

After picking up the cane, go to the library, and activate the mysterious switch by using the stick. Once you activate the mysterious switch the bookshelf will slide away, and a secret room will be revealed to you.

The secret room is a type of hidey-hole. Inside the secret room, you will find a note, the note is an unopened letter from Montgomery, in which he renounces his fortune and reveals his plan to marry a common girl. The note is one of a clue you will need for solving the murder mystery.

The secret room is also good for hiding in case you alert the security for any reason because nobody knows about the secret room, and there’s also a surveillance system inside.

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