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Hitman 3 Helicopter Key and How To Get It

In Hitman 3 the players can extract from a level in numerous ways after completing an assassination. The players will get some of these extraction points by default and they can unlock many other extraction points by completing additional side jobs, and by getting specific items.

The helicopter is one of the most useful extraction points that players can unlock in Dubai.  in Hitman 3. Players can easily extract from the map with the help of this extraction point after finding the key to unlock it because it’s close to the penthouse and there is a lack of enemy patrols.

How To Get Hitman 3 Helicopter Key

You can find the helicopter key outside of the art installation backstage area and this area is one level below the helipad location. To easily get access to this area you will have to start the level by heading to the garden. When it is safe to do so, jump over the railing and climb towards the backstage area. Eventually, you will reach two windows that can be opened by hacking with Agent 47’s phone. After you get inside the backstage area of the art installation, you will have to go towards the balcony on the other side of the room by avoiding two crew members.

After you reach the balcony, you will see multiple swinging targets on the rope. The helicopter key is on the walkway next to the targets, it is quite small and you can miss it easily. After you pick up the helicopter key, the “Rotor Ready” challenge worth 1000 XP will be unlocked.

Go up the adjacent ladder after picking up the key to reach the helicopter and its pilot. You will have to incapacitate the pilot and then put on his uniform, this will unlock the “Rotor Man” challenge and it is also worth 1000 XP.

From the helipad, you can also disguise any of the penthouse guards by incapacitating them. You can then easily move across the entire level.

Through the “(In)Security” mission story, you can also reach the helicopter’s key location. You will arrive at the helicopter’s key location after completing the story and you can also unlock the “vertical approach” challenge by pushing Marcus Stuyvesant over a ledge.

After you eliminate Carl and Marcus, extract at the helicopter and you will unlock the “Up and Away” challenge and get 1000 XP. You will be able to get 3000 XP in total by simply unlocking and extracting from the location. If you want start

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