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Hitman 3 Another Death in the Family Challenge and How To Complete It

The Dartmoor level is one of the unique maps in Hitman 3. The English Mansion area has some really cool stuff. In one of the assassination challenges, there is a hidden objective in which you will have to eliminate the head of the house, Alexa Carlisle, through the hands of someone else without getting much involved. In this guide, we will tell you how to unlock the Another Death in the Family challenge in Dartmoor map in Hitman 3.

How To Complete Another Death In the Family Challenge

First of all, you will have to go to the greenhouse behind the manor, you will either need a lockpick or a crowbar to get inside. You can find the crowbar next to the green van right by the mansion’s back door. You will also need to pick up a wrench from behind the fountain.

Go inside the greenhouse and find the lab equipment. You must be familiar with this equipment if you have played the Mendoza level, it is the same equipment that can convert emetic poison to be lethal. But this one is broken so you will have to use the wrench to fix it and your job is done here for now.

After that, you will have to take up the murder investigation as the detective invited you to the mansion. In this challenge, the critical thing is when you have to report your findings to Alexa, do not accuse Emma. Even though she is the actual murderer of Zachary because Alexa will not do what we need her to do if she knows that Emma is the actual murderer. Instead either tell her that the murderer is the butler, Mr. Fernsby or that it was a suicide.

After you tell her the news, she will reward you with the case file you need to finish the level, and after that, she will stand out on the balcony for a while. Don’t push her from the ledge instead let her walk away. she will head back to the sitting room and then she will ring the dinner ball to gather everyone to have a meeting.

At this moment, you can either walk away from the meeting or stand there and see what happens. In the meeting, Alexa will tell everyone that Zachary’s death was a tragedy and no one should know that she is still alive. After the meeting ends, everyone will disperse, but you will see that Emma will go on to a new route.

She is going to the greenhouse to make a new poison to kill Alexa. You can follow her if you want to see her make it. When she reaches the greenhouse she notices that the equipment is working again and then she will make poison and go back to the sitting room. She will drop the poison slowly in a glass of alcohol.

Alexa will arrive soon after hearing some backtalk from Greggory, and then she will go over and drink the alcohol. She will drop dead on the floor and after that your Another Death in the Family

Challenge will be complete, and you will get 4,000 mastery points as a reward for completing the challenge.

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