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Godfall Shift Codes: Where To Get Them and How To Redeem In Game

In Godfall you will be able to plug in all the shift codes once they are available to unlock special loot or cosmetics.

Godfall is a “looter Slasher” game like so many other games, it gives you loot as rewards as you go forward through legions of enemies. In Godfall you will pick weapons and materials to upgrade those weapons, but there is also a shortcut to “quality gear”: by entering the shift codes something special will be unlocked, no grinding required.

In Godfall shift codes will work the same as Borderland 3 shift codes, also from publisher Gearbox. You will be able to find the codes through platforms like Twitter, as they will be posted online regularly, and you will unlock an exclusive cosmetic of some kind or a chance at a random drop of high quality once you enter the code.

In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Godfall Shift codes right now, and how you can use them once they are available in the future.

How to Redeem Godfall Shift Codes

The handing out of shift codes for Godfall by Gearbox hasn’t started yet, but you can redeem the shift codes the same as you do in Borderlands.

Following are the options you will have to redeem the codes:

  • You can redeem the codes In-game through the menu. You will just have to copy the 25 digit code when it’s available, and then go to the menu in Godfall. There will be an option of “Redeem Shift Code” you will see right below Resume, controller layout, and settings.
  • You can get codes online via Just create an account or log in, and link your Epic account with it so that you can redeem codes for your pc. Go to the menu, click “Reward” and then you will just have to paste the shift code and click” check” to register it.
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