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Genshin Impact To The Stars Once More Event and How To Complete It

Genshin Impact has a new web event to celebrate the arrival of update 1.5. Adventurer’s Guild is organizing “To the Stars Once More”, and they want all adventurers to participate. In this guide, we will tell you how to take part in this event as this is a web event rather than an in-game event.

Genshin Impact To the Stars Once More Event

To the Star Once More event has started on April 28 at UTC +8 and the gifting drawing will end after May 20.  Returning Adventures and Active Adventurers are the two groups of players who are eligible for this event.

Returning Adventurers must meet the following criteria as of the end of the Version 1.5 update maintenance:

  1. Players must be Adventure level 10 or high.
  2. At least 14 days since your last game login.
  3. It’s been over 45 days since the player activated the “Stellar Reunion” event ( not including the day of activation).

Active Adventurers must at Adventure Rank 10 or above to meet the requirement of this event.

To participate if you play on a PC or mobile device, go to this page. Log in with your miHoYo account and pick the appropriate server and corresponding character once you’ve reached the event page to ensure that you will be able to receive and claim your event rewards.

The event mail can be found in the Paimon Menu, Mail for PS4 and PS5 players. Please don’t delete the event mail to make sure that you can easily access the event. Travelers who were not yet at Adventure Rank 10 or above at the start of the event will receive the event mail after they reach Adventure Rank 10.

All adventures can claim Exploration Energy and get Exploration Gift Vouchers by completing tasks during the event period. In the Gift Draw, redeem coupons for prizes such as Primogems, Genshin Impact merch, Hero’s Wit, and more.

How To Claim Exploration Gift Vouchers

You can claim Exploration Gift Vouchers when your Exploration Energy exceeds a certain level. Go to the Get Gift voucher page before May 20, 2021, 23:59 (UTC +8) to claim Exploration Gift Vouchers based on your Exploration Energy.

There is a limit on how many Exploration Gift Vouchers you may claim, and there could be leftover Exploration Energy after you have claimed all of them. You will get 1 reward for each Exploration Gift Voucher you use. Go to the Gift Draw page and use vouchers to draw gifts before May 20, 23:59 (UTC +8). You will also have a chance to win Genshin Impact merchandise in addition to in-game items like Primogems and Hero’s Wit.

The drawings of the gifts are done in real-time. On the Gift Draw page, click the Prize Preview button to see the potential rewards. You must read the entire event page carefully before providing your address because physical prizes will need to be shipped to the winner.

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