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Genshin Impact Falcon Coast and Lingju Pass Treasure Location

In Genshin Impact, the Lost riches event has been started and now you can explore Treasure Area One and Two. This area is on the falcon coast, a small group of islands in the middle of the river to the southeast of Windrise in Mondstadt.

After you reach that area a golden circle will appear on the map, and all the treasure and iron coins can be found in this area. To find the treasure you will have to equip your Treasure Seeking Seelie first, to equip it you will have to open your inventory and go to the gadgets section.

Genshin Impact Falcon Coast Treasure Location

The Seelie will help you to find all the treasure in the area, You will able to get 60 Iron Coins from the area that can be used to buy any item from the event shop. If you want to track down all the treasure locations in the game you can watch the video below.

To start the event you will have to talk to Ulman at the Stone Gate in Liyue. You will be given a Treasure Book, and the treasure Seelie from him to start the event.

Two areas will appear each day in the game where you can find treasure and Iron Coins, and there will be a special treasure area as well. You can buy Hero’s Wit, Primogems, Mora, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and a special Seelie from the event shop by using the Iron Coins.

Lingju Pass Treasure Location

There are more Treasure Areas that will open in the coming days so keep checking Genshin Impact and if you need to read more of our guides, check out our page covering all Genshin Impact guides on GameInfinitus.

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