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CDPR Will Be Penalized by Polish Authorities If They Fail To Deliver Patches For Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red might have to face a major penalty by Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection if they fail to deliver on Cyberpunk 2077 updates.

While Cyberpunk 2077 works fine for the most part on PC, the console version was suffering from major issues that ranged from terrible performance to game-breaking bugs and glitches. It also led to the removal of the game from the PlayStation Store. This caught the attention of UOKiK, which is the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in Poland, according to a report.

MaƂgorzata Cieloch, the spokesperson of the UOKiK, has clarified what the plan to do with the quality check of update. As she stated, it is primarily a matter of checking the progress of work on the promised patches, which should make the console versions of the game playable which is the promise made by CD Projekt Red.

We ask the entrepreneur to explain the problems with the game and actions taken by him. We will check how the producer is working on making corrections or solving difficulties that make it impossible to play on consoles, but also how he intends to act towards people who have made complaints and are dissatisfied with the purchase due to the lack of possibility to play the game on their equipment despite previous assurances of the producer.

Depending on how CD Projekt Red is able to deliver these updates, and in case of issues, explain the reason behind them, they might get a fine of up to 10% of their annual revenue in 2020.

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