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Genshin Impact Brightcrown Canyon: How To Get Special Treasure

Lost Riches is a new event in Genshin Impact, in this event you have to find iron Coins for Ulman with the help of treasure Seelie. It is pretty straightforward for most parts, whenever you will be near a treasure the Seelie will start pulsing. The spots where you have to dig will be glowing. You might need help with this one piece of treasure. The book tells you about “special treasure” and the book says that you can find this treasure in the region of Brightcrown Canyon.

Genshin Impact Brightcrown Canyon Treasure

The book shows a picture of an old church, which means that we have to find the old church in that area.

You will have to go to the marked area on the map. It is a little bit west of the nearby Fast travel location. Once you reach the marked area on the map, you will see the ruined church, you will also find several boars in the area that you can hunt if you are low on meat. If you go to the bottom of the church you will see a shiny dig spot, the same as the other treasure spots. But from this spot, you will get a challenge instead of rewards.

To complete the challenge you will have to fight two Abyss Mages, one cryo and one hydro with the caveat that you can’t be frozen more than two times. This is super annoying.  You will get 60 Primogems, 10 Hero’s Wit, 30,000 Mora, and 6 Mystic enhancement cores by completing this challenge. Keep hunting as there are more iron coins to be had. This is a special treasure for this week, there might be another special treasure next week also.

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