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Cyberpunk 2077 Shoot The Thrill Side Quest: How Many Points To Rank 1st

In Cyberpunk 2088 Shoot to Thrill is a side quest. In this guide, we will take you through each step of the Shoot to Thrill Sidequest.

After completing the main story quest “Playing for Time” you will get this quest in Watson after getting a call from Wilson. This quest will be added to your quest log after you get Wilson’s call.

You will get $500 and an Epic M-10AF Lexington Piston by comping up first in this side quest.

This side quest is a shooting range competition, and you can get different prizes from it.

How to Complete Cyberpunk 2077 Shoot to Thrill Side Quest?

After you complete the Main story job “Playing for Time” you will get a call from Wilson and this side quest will start. Go to the gun shop which is located in the same mega building same as V’s apartment. Inside the gun shop talk with Wilson to start the competition.

Go inside the door into the left and then stand at the 4th open booth. Wilson will explain to the group that you can shoot the targets that are in a range in any lane and you can use pistols only. Use something like a Lexington pistol because it holds a large number of bullets in it. Aim your gun downrange while standing in your booth and wait for Wilson to start a countdown.

It’s better to make a save before the competition starts because once the job ends you won’t be able to do it again. This mission will have a false start where Wilson will boot a guy for having a sawed-off shotgun only. After that, the mission will start properly. After the competition begins you will see a counter on the side of your screen and a timer above your head.

You will have to shoot all the targets even if they are not in your lane. If you hit the target multiple times it will increase your points so using a Lexington or Kenshin is good for this competition because they shoot two bullets at once. We don’t know the exact point to win first place but you can win 1s place with as much as 50 points.

Wilson will announce the winner after the competition ends. If you successfully get 1st place in the competition you will get a reward of $500 and an Epic M-10AF Lexington Pistol. After you complete the competition you will get an optional dialogue interaction with Wilson and then the side quest will be completed.

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