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Cyberpunk 2077 Free Cars: How To Get The Fastest Car Rayfield Caliburn

There are so many cars to drive in Cyberpunk 2077 and while playing through the game you will get a lot of offers from the fixers to buy cars. Some of them are pretty expensive too and getting eddies in the game is very hard in some ways, but there are plenty of cars and motorcycles that you can get in free of cost.

You can still grab any car or motorcycle off the street to drive, but if you want to have them on-demand you will have to collect them. There are a few fastest cars in the game too that you can grab for free.

How To Get All Cyberpunk 2077 Free Cars

  • Archer Hella EC-D 1360

V will start the game out with this Car. Delamain will destroy this car at the start of Act 2 and after you will be without a car for some time.

  • Jackie’s Arch

Arch is a very sweet bike of Jackie, and you can get it very easily. To get this bike you will have to Complete the Heroes side job in Act 2. Regardless of whatever choice you make in this side job, in the end, you will get Jackie’s Arch.

  • Apollo “Scorpion”

You will get this bike after you complete the Life During Wartime Main Job.

  • Alvarado “Vato”

You will get Alvarado “Vato” in the Beat on the Brat: The Glen. You will have to win the fight to get this car, when you will go to start this fight, Cesar will wager the car against your 4,000 eddies. Once you win the fight you will get the car and your money you put up back.

  • Delamain No.21

You can get your own Delamain for free. If you want Delamain, you will have to do Epistrophy Side jobs, One of these side jobs includes the “Don’t Lose Your Mind Side job”. Once you complete all the side jobs you will get this car along with a couple of Delamain Variants.

  • Colby CX410 Butte

You can’t get this Car from any quest. Go to the Badlands and you will find this car at the Desert Film Set next to a trailer. Just hop in the car and it’s yours.

  • Quadra Turbo-R-V-Tech

This is the car that is driven by V in the whole advertising for Cyberpunk 2077. It is one of the iconic car and you can get it for free.

You will have to complete the gig Life’s Work to get this car, you can found it in the southeast portion of The Glen in Heywood. After you complete the gig Life’s work, wait for three in-game days and then you will get a side job “ Sex on Wheels” Complete this side job and the car is yours.

  • Thorton Mackinaw “Beast”

It’s a beast car and to get it you will have to do all the races in the “ The Beast in Me” side jobs with Claire. Once you win the final race, Claire will give you this car for free.

  • Quadra Type-66 “Cthulhu”

You can get this car for free. To get this car you will have to let Sampson live during the final race in The Beast in Me Side job. Afterward, he will call you and give you the Quadra Type-66 “Cthulhu” for free. If you will not let him live, you can buy this car for $76,000.

  • Thornton Galena “Rattler”

This is a unique car because it will be available for only those who will choose the Nomad lifepath. You will get this car when you complete the These Boots are Made for Walkin’ Side job.

  • Arch Nazare “itsumade”

You will get Arch Nazare “itsumade” by completing the Highwayman side job. To get this side job you will have to go to the Southeastern portion of Rancho Coronade to that weapon shop. There will be a garage door behind the weapon shop. Go inside the garage and look at the computer and read the message on it. The quest will start then, it’s a puzzle that you have to solve. Solve it and you will get the bike.

  • Rayfield Caliburn (Black)

Rayfield Caliburn (Black) is the fastest car of the game and you can get it easily. Go to the white marker on the map above, there you will find the entrance to a tunnel. Go through the tunnel until you passed the area where you fought the Wraiths with Panam. There will be a shipping container just beyond that point. Inside the container you will find the free car.

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