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Black Ops Cold War Mind Trip Achievement and How To Unlock It

To Complete the Call of Duty: Black Ops War “Mind Trip” achievement, players need to be prepared to go down this beaten path. There are some achievements in Call of Duty: Black Ops which are more difficult to achieve than others. You can unlock some of those achievements while simply playing the game, and to complete other achievements multiple playthroughs are required. This franchise usually doesn’t have multiple playthroughs, but as there are several different endings in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War it makes sense.

There are several Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War challenges, and one of these challenges tasks player with seeing all 7 endings which are possible to the mission “Break on Through”.The player will have to get through all 4 path ends, to unlock the coveted Mind Trip achievement/Trophy.

How To Unlock Black Ops Cold War Mind Trip Achievement

The players will have to go through several scenarios multiple times, to unlock the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Ward achievement. First of all, the player will have to start the mission “Break on Through” in this mission, the player will be placed in several different scenarios. There is a total of four scenarios and in each situation, the player must obey or disobey Adler’s order. Different paths are needed to be taken by the players each time to complete the achievement, different paths will lead the player to a different ending depending on the player’s decisions.

The players need to follow Adler’s instructions exactly in the first playthrough. This will lead the players through the cave path in the first scenario, in the second scenario it will lead them to the village path, and the napalm strike path in the third scenario. In the fourth scenario, the players can decide whether they want to follow Adler’s instructions or not. In all the four intended memory endings the players will get into a room where on the other side of a table, Perseus is staring at a board.

The players will be disobeying Adler throughout the first three scenarios in the second playthrough. The players are on the right track if they go down the different paths in the first two.

To choose a new ending, the players will have to go through the red door and have to be in a different room than the intended Perseus room. To find the fourth secret path during this playthrough, players should take the right path during the first fork instead of going through the cave. Move towards the Lenin Statue and find a hidden trapdoor there, go inside the trapdoor and you will find yourself on the fourth secret path.

Keep in mind that at this point players can anything but they will have to die in the scenario to progress. Go through the red door hallways until the seventh final memory ending is unlocked. When you complete this second run-through you will get the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold war achievement.

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