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Black Ops Cold War Zombies Camo Challenges and Rewards

Some players are looking to win all the Call of Duty: Cold War Zombies camo challenges, these camo skins will not only give your guns a makeover, but they also remind you of the milestone you have achieved in this mode of the game. If players will go all the way to the mastery level they will be rewarded with animated skins, which are bound to turn a few heads in matches.

If you have racked up continuous eliminations and killed thousand of enemies without taking single damage, there’s a camo which can mark your triumph. You will have to do a lot of zombie-slaying if you are eager to kit out your weapons with some stylish camo skins. If you are happy with the weapon of your choice and loadout, then let’s go and see all the Call of Duty: Cold War camo challenges in zombies, and what rewards you can get by completing them.

All Call of Duty: Cold War Zombies Camo Challenges

The camo skins on offer and their corresponding challenges can be checked out by selecting a weapon in your load-outs. Click on Gunsmith, Select the Appearance tab, and then you can check your progress on each challenge by choosing camo.





Get 50/250/750/1500/2500 kills with your weapon.

Stroke/ Glacier/ Grudge/ Bloodshed/Rotten.


Get 50/250/750/1500/2500 critical hit kills with your weapon.

Wasteland/ Amphibian/ Boundary/ Threshold/ Banished.

Brush Stroke

Get 50/250/750/1500/2500 kills with your weapon when it has Pack-A-Punch upgrades.

Extortion/ Degeneration/ Downfall/ Drench/ Chemical.


Get 3/6/9/12/15 elite eliminations with your weapon.

Decadence/ Bravado/ Funkadelic/ Boutique/ Maniac.


Get 10 kills rapidly 2/4/6/8/10 times with your weapon.

Growl/ Scavenger/ Zebra/ Blue Tiger/ Rising Tiger.


Get three or more critical hit kills rapidly with your weapon 5/10/15/20/25 times.

Acidic/ Gunrunner/ Forecast/ Cartographer/ Sunder.


Get 20 or more consecutive kills with your weapon without getting hit 2/4/6/8/10 times.

Corrosion/ Corrosion (alternate)/ Entropy/ Glitch/ Conviction.

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