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Black Ops Cold War Dark Ops: How To Complete All Challenges and Rewards

Dark Ops in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War hide a lot of things behind ‘Classifies’ screens until it’s completed, and it makes them hard to be solved on purpose. If you are not entertained by a campaign with puzzle-solving elements and a web of intrigue then it will be good for you to know that Raven Software and Treyarch have inserted a bonus suite of challenges which you complete in each of the three game modes.

You can complete these bonus objectives in Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies mode, but you will have to go to the Dark Ops tab to complete them. In this guide, we have written all the conditions required to unlock these bonuses for each mode, so that you can plan out your game time a little better. If you complete each of the challenges, you will get three Dark Ops Master animated calling cards as a reward for all of your hard work.

Completion of these challenges doesn’t have any impact on your overall completion rate for the game.

How To Complete All Black Ops Cold War Campaign Dark Ops Challenges

You can easily complete and unlock these challenges (if you know what you are doing ahead of time). You can complete these Black Ops Cold War Campaign Dark Ops challenges at any difficulty setting, and if you want to replay a level to complete the challenge you can boot up the mission easily from the evidence board.

Black Ops Cold War Campaign Dark Ops Challenges

Dark Ops Challenges

How to Complete

Retro Gamer

Unlock all Arcade Machines

What Do the Numbers Mean?

Decrypt the Black Ops Cold War Floppy Disk.


Defy your orders and try to jump off the bridge in Break on Through.


Use takedown attacks to neutralize all marked targets in Ashes to Ashes

Cover Your Tracks

Conceal 5 bodies Whilst playing as Belikov in Desperate Measures.

Awkward Chat

Provide the correct answer to both of Imran Zakhaev’s questions in the elevator sequence in Desperate Measures

Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Dark Ops challenges are very problematic for all the completionists out there, because you have to be a hero PvP portion of the game to complete most of the tasks. Completing all these Dark Ops Challenges will take time, even if you are a pro in multiplayer mode. You will get a calling card and either a 5,000 or 10,000 XP boost as a reward by completing each of these challenges.

Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Dark Ops Challenges

Dark Ops Challenge

How to Complete

Relentless Killer

Earn 10 Relentless medals (Get 20 Kills without dying).

Brutal Killer

Earn a Brutal Medal (Achieve a 25 Killstreak)

Frenzied Killer

Earn a Frenzy Kill medal (5 Rapid kills).

Chain Killer

Get a Kill Chain (Kill over 7 players rapidly).

From the Depths

Get 25 Kills with primary or secondary weapon whilst underwater, whilst the enemy is on land or a ship’s surface

Hard Wipe

Eliminate an entire squad of 4 players in a Fireteam mode.

UnderWater Ops

While underwater, plant C4 on an enemy-occupied Gunboat or Wakerunner, killing a crewmember. Do this 5 times.

Nuked Out

Earned a Nuclear medal in Free-For All without using Scorestreak rewards.

Back At you

Return a Frag Grenade to sender and kill the enemy that threw the lethal projectile at you.

Very Nuclear

Earn a Nuclear medal with 25 different weapons, with all kills coming from that weapon.

Nuclear Killer

Earn a Nuclear Medal

Mega Kill

Earn a Mega Kill medal (Get 6 Rapid kills)

Dark Ops Master

Complete all Dark Ops challenges

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Dark Ops Challenges are not impossible to complete, but completing all these challenges will take a while (especially Reaper of the undead,Yeesh). For some challenges you will need skill and for some challenges you will have to go through rounds and rounds of the game. So it is wise to be prepared before you try to complete these challenges. You will get calling and either 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000 XP as a reward by completing each of these challenges.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Dark Ops Challenges

Dark Ops Challenge

How to Complete

Social Distancing

Reach Round 20 without getting hit.

Good Enough

Reach Round 20 using only your starting loadout (and no grenades).

Harbinger of Doom

Kill 50 enemies with a single support.


Reach Round 30 without going down.

Box Addict

Buy every weapon from the mystery box in a single game.

Armed to the teeth

Have 2 Fully Upgraded weapons with Ammo Mods, plus all 6 perks, in one game.

The Anvil

Exfil a game with only using melee.


Play every single trial in Die Maschine in a single game.

Evil Unleashed

Complete the Easter Egg.

Another Round?

Reach Round 100.

Pristine Pelt

In Dead Ops Arcade, defeat Mamaback in the final round without dying.

Reaper of the Undead

Kill 1,000,000 enemies

King of Silverbacks

In Dead Ops Arcade, earn a cumulative high score of 999,999,999.

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