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Black Ops Cold War Ashes to Ashes Campaign Mission

In Black Ops Cold War, a brand-new single-player campaign designed by Raven software is introduced in the fifth chapter.

In this new campaign, players join legendary Black Ops characters Frank Woods, Alex Mason, and Jason Hudson on the hunt of Perseus. Perseus is a soviet spy who has infiltrated US intelligence and obtained a nuclear device.

In this guide, we will tell you in detail about the final mission of the campaign “Ashes to Ashes”

Black Ops Cold War Ashes to Ashes Campaign Mission

If you chose to lie to Adler in the previous mission, then Ashes to Ashes will be your final mission of the campaign.

The mission will start with a short cinematic scene, and then you will reunite with Woods, Mason, Adler, and the team member you saved back in Cuba. You will be accused of lying to the rest of the team by woods. You can choose whichever response you want.

Picking Up No Ambush

You will take this path if you didn’t set an ambush for the team at the back of the safehouse before the mission.

You will get many chances to justify the reasons for guiding the team to Duga but it will not matter in the grand scheme of things.

You will be killed by Adler and it will bring an abrupt end to the game.

Going For Ambush

If you did set an ambush in the back of the safehouse. when you will be accused by Woods that you led the team down to the wrong path, You will be asked by Adler that whether this accusation is true. Just give the signal to the ambush and an RPG will be fired by the soldier onto your location and it will scatter you and the rest of the team.

Then a soldier will help you back to your feet and give you a weapon, it will cause a new motive to appear.

Getting To Eliminate Your Team

Head along the street and take cover, then track all of them and kill them. After killing Mason, Woods, and the members you saved back in Cuba. Begin the chase after Adler.

Sarting Chase After Adler

Go to the side of the street and enter the building. On the floor of the building, you will see a trail of blood, follow the trail until you reach a door. You will be joined by the soldier that helped you up before you enter the room, go inside the room. There you will see Adler lying in the pool of blood on the floor. Adler will ask you to give him his lighter which is next to him. When you reach to pick up the lighter, Adler will try to attack you with his knife. You will have to press the Reload button quickly so that you can turn the knife against him, and kill him.

After you kill Adler, turn back to the soldier waiting at the door. They will reveal an extremely familiar face by removing their face mask.

Before giving you the radio, Perseus will call base and tell them to prepare nuclear detonation. You can choose any one of the dialogue to end the mission.

Trophies and Achievements That Will Unlock

  • Combat Recruit – Complete the Campaign on any difficulty.
  • Combat Hardened – Complete the Campaign on Veteran or Realism difficulty.
  • Ashes to Ashes – Complete Ashes to Ashes in Campaign on any difficulty.
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