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Apex Legends: Complete Fuse Abilities List For Season 8 Mayhem

Each new season of Apex Legends brings a new playable character. In this Season, the grenadier Fuse is going to join the roster on Feb 2. A trailer is just released in which his moves are shown in-game. So here’s a list of Fuse’s abilities for Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem.

Complete Fuse Abilities List In Apex Legends

Passive Ability – Grenadier

Fuse can do two things through his passive ability. The First thing is that he can hold one extra grenade per inventory slot, which will cause a headache for enemy teams, and secondly, he can launch those grenades farther, faster, and more accurately than other Apex Legends with his Passive Ability. So it makes him a threat for the enemy teams in both close-quarters combat, and long-range encounters.

Tactical Ability – Knuckle Cluster

Knuckle Cluster is a cluster ability of Fuse that launches a cluster bomb from Fuse’s artificial arm. An explosive is released by it on the impact that continuously explodes in a small area.

Ultimate Ability – The Motherlode

The Motherlode is the ultimate ability of Fuse, it allows him to shoot a bombardment that rains down explosives in a targeted area from above.

This ability also allows him to create a circle of flame to surround enemies. Horizon’s Gravity Lift and Octane’s Launchpad will come in handy here.

If you team up with any one of the two Fuse’s Squad will be able to rain down fire from above.

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