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Animal Crossing New Horizons Toy Day Event, Items and Rewards

Toy Day is a Christmas event in Animal Crossing: New Horizon for Nintendo switch. In this guide, we will tell you about the Toy Day event, what you can do during the event, and what prizes and items you can get during this event.

Christmas Day Dates and Times

In the new version 1.6.0, many new events are unlocked, you cannot play these new events by traveling in time before the specified event date. But once these events are unlocked you can travel back in time and can play them again.

Preparation Period

December 1 – December 23

Event Date

December 24

What to Do During the Christmas Season?

Ask Residents What They Want

You need to talk to your villagers before Christmas eve, to know what they want for the event itself. You can ask them what type of gift they want or in what color they want their gift. Just keep taking notes throughout the whole month so that you can’t forget.

Buy Christmas Furniture

You will be able to buy Christmas furniture from Nook’s Cranny, same as October. So you better hurry to collect all of the furniture before the event ends because it’s only available for a limited time.

Festival Series Furniture

Illuminated Reindeer

Illuminated Present

If you want to decorate your island and have a Christmas feel you make sure to buy some of this furniture. The festive series will start on 15 December and it will end on 6 January.

Dress Up as Santa!

You can buy the Santa Hat, Santa Beard, Santa Coat, and Santa Pants from the Able sisters, and you can buy Santa Boots from kicks, So make sure to buy them when he visits your island. It will be available from December 1 to December 23, and if you miss out on the sale then you can buy the entire outfit on December 24 all at once.

Find Jingle

On the Christmas event day, Jingle will come to your island at 6 PM. Just make sure that you are wearing the complete Santa suit, if you are looking like a complete Santa he will ask you to give out presents to your residents.

Help Jingle Give the Gifts to the Residents

Just keep it in your mind that the villagers will not sleep until you give them a Christmas present. You must give the right presents to the villagers, because if you will give them the wrong present it will disappoint them and they will have a bad Christmas.

Get Jingle’s Rewards

If you deliver the presents correctly and complete his quest, you will get furniture from the jingle series and a Christmas wreath as a reward from the jingle himself, and if you successfully deliver at least eight presents correctly you will get a Jingle’s photograph the next day.

List of Christmas Furniture

Jingle Bed

Jingle Shelves

Jingle Piano

Jingle Dresser

Jingle Table

Jingle Wardrobe

Jingle Sofa

Jingle Lamp

Jingle Clock

Jingle Chair

Jingle T.V.

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