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Animal Crossing New Horizons Turkey Day Event, Items, and Rewards

Turkey Day is a thanksgiving event in Animal Crossing: New Horizon for Nintendo switch. In this guide, we will tell you about the Turkey Day event, what you can do during the event, and what prizes and items you can get during this event.

Turkey Day Dates and Times

In the new version 1.6.0, many new events are unlocked, you cannot play these new events by traveling in time before the specified event date. But once these events are unlocked you can travel back in time and can play them again.

Event Date

4th Thursday of November

(November 26, 2020)

Event Times

6 AM to 10 PM

What to Do During the Turkey Day

Buy Harvest Furniture

You will be able to buy Harvest furniture from Nook’s Cranny, same as October. So you better hurry to collect all of the furniture before the event ends because it’s only available for a limited time.

Help Franklin Collect Ingredients

On Turkey Day, you will help Franklin as an assistant to complete his dishes. You will need to gather four ingredients. The player will get a hint from Franklin as to what ingredient is needed, and he will also give clues for the secret ingredient that will make the dish tastier.


Food Example


Fish Salad, Oyster Salad


Fruit Soup, Mushroom Chowder

Main Course

Sautéed Sea Bass, Seared Barred Knifejaw


Apple Pie, Banana Tart

Gather the Ingredients

The ingredients are of two types:

  1. Those ingredients which you can gather ( mushroom, fish, etc)
  2. Those ingredients which you can acquire from villagers ( Vinegar, lemon, etc)

To can only acquire ingredients when they are at their homes. You will have to trade items for their ingredient.

Bring Franklin the Ingredients

Once you acquire all the necessary ingredients bring them to Franklin. He will start cooking the dish. You will get Harvest furniture or a fruit basket as a reward from Franklin. If you successfully bring all the four secret ingredients to Franklin, he will give you a cornucopia at the end.

List of Harvest Furniture

Harvest Bed

Harvest Bureau

Harvest Chair

Harvest Clock

Harvest Dresser

Harvest Lamp

Harvest Mirror

Harvest Sofa

Harvest Table

Harvest TV

Harvest Wall Lamp

Harvest Wall

Harvest Rug

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