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Spelunky 2 Update 1.12 Details

Spelunky 2 has been updated to version 1.12 by Mossmouth. This update implements a number of bug fixes as mentioned in the patch notes.

This patch comes with a huge list of changes including performance optimizations and fixes for the HUD. The complete Spelunky 2 1.12 update patch notes can be viewed below.

Spelunky 2 Update 1.12 Patch Notes

Following changes have been done:
* Performance optimizations
* HUD online icon will now fade out during transitions
* Fixed soft-lock when starting a 4 players coop game without having unlocked any other character
* Fixed some menu soft-locks
* Fixed issue where the “forgiven” message wasn’t showing during a dark level event
* Shop items can now be bought while running
* Added special timer sound to large bombs
* Pressing the bomb and rope buttons at the same time will no longer toss both if not enough resources
* Osiris’ portal will now increase its size after a few seconds to prevent soft-locks
* Using an exit door while carrying an idol will now automatically deliver it
* Sun Challenge generation is now guaranteed
* Fixed issue where players could sometimes stick a paste bomb to themselves
* Fixed issue that made players not able to flip and grab a ledge
* Attacking and throwing stuff should no longer shut jetpacks/capes off
* Prevented Arena Champion achievement from unlocking in Hold the Idol mode
* Ending characters are no longer unlocked during seeded or daily runs
* Improved stomps
* Savegame partial rework, hopefully fixes some very rare issues with saves not updating
* Fixed crash on using the telepack while starting to hang from a corner
* Prevented some special headwear from teleporting the player during the ending scenes
* Fixed ending scene on disconnecting the controller when the player is stunned
* Kali will no longer gift the compass when the player already has a similar item
* Added margin to thorny vines so players should be able to sprint-cross single gaps while wearing boots
* Fixed issue where playing seeded/daily would make the next adventure run always use a certain seed
* Prevented rider from unmounting from a mount while they’re transitioning
* Fixed cursed and poisoned status of the mounts on being carried to the next level
* Fixed case where giant spiders were creating webs a bit lower than intended
* Reduced firebug spawn chance on certain large rooms
* “Time to win” now cannot be greater than “timer” in HTI rules
* Fixed journal’s recounts for some entries in the People section.
* Fixed monster kill report when the monster has just damaged the player
* Lava pots will no longer spawn magmamen during the ending sequence
* Fixed issue where arena level selection screen could break after changing the initial character selection
* Prevented boomerang from breaking held fragile items
* Fixed issue where Neo Babylon mushrooms hats were sometimes being destroyed instantaneously
* Fixed slight visual glitch on the HUD player heart
* Fixed issue where a placeholder texture could be rendered during the main menu
* Beating your previous tutorial race best time now immediately saves the result
* Fixed issue where using jetpacks and capes, while now allow attacking and tossing, also prevented other actions, such as climbing or grabbing a ledge
* Updated FMOD to address a memory leak
* Fixed issue where non damaging visual FX were bigger than damaging ones
* Attacking but not dealing damage will now use a hopefully clearer VFX
* Language switch is no longer saved unless the player applies it
* Prevented the ankh from removing the leader flag, which was causing a crash on moving to the second layer after reviving
* All players in a local coop will now move to the entrance along with the ankh’s revived player
* Low Scorer achievement will now unlock even if the player skips the ending scene
* Challenges will now cancel if the ankh is used
* Players can no longer skip ending before getting the bonus score
* Fixed coop camera when the first player was dead and the second player sacrifices himself in the CoG altar
* Fixed issue where the current seed message was showing during character selection and other screens
* Fixed leaderboard filter text that was too long on certain languages
* Fixed temple level generation (crush traps should no longer spawn next to pushblocks)
* Tuned monsters spawn chances in Dwelling
* Added more room variety in the last Dwelling level
* Fixed some blocked levels generation in multiple themes
* Fixed crash when finishing the game with a mount
* Fixed entities’ looking direction on being pick-up while webbed
* Fixed movement when leaving a ladder due to monster collision or weapon recoil
* Fixed oversight that made paste bombs attached to corpses not blow up on contact with lava
* Fixed crash when cavemen equipped jetpacks or capes
* Olmec floaters can no longer be pushed by shields
* Golden scarabs are no longer collected during leaving doors invulnerability frames (helpful for no money achievements)
* Dice tossed against a laser beam will now bounce back with half the force
* Explosive stuff now have some invulnerability frames on creation (prevents rare hoverpacks spawned from mosquitoes from immediately being blown up, for example)

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