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Samurai Shodown Update 2.20 Patch Details

Samurai Shodown was updated to version 2.20 bringing in a new DLC character and more. You can find out the full patch notes from here.

The new DLC character is Hibiki Takane. She is available to play now in the game after installing the new update and purchasing her DLC. She is also part of the season pass 3 for those who own it. As for the other changes, you can find the various balance adjustments for the character from here, while the rest of the update 2.20 patch notes can be seen below.

Samurai Shodown Update 2.20 Patch Notes

Changed / Improved Features

  • -Added DLC character HIBIKI TAKANE
  • -Fixed other minor issues and features.

-Resolved an issue where CHAM CHAM’s section in the Gallery Mode would cause the game to lock up after updating to Patch Version 2.12.

-Added SFX upon Guard Crushing an opponent.

Concerning SHIZUMARU HISAME’s Crazy Downpour

-In the 2.10 patch notes, it was incorrectly stated that the attack was “Changed so that holding TAP while weaponless no longer charges this attack.”

-The correct change is, “Upon being weapon flipped, any remaining charge is brought to zero, and continuing to hold TAP while in this weaponless state will not increase the charge at all.”


-HIBIKI TAKANE’s attack Heavenly Being Blade has unintended issues arising from other attacks and is scheduled to be resolved. Therefore, HIBIKI TAKANE’s ability to counter Rage Explosions, projectiles, Lightning Blades, Super Special Moves, crouching attacks, and attacks from behind will go away once this issue is resolved.

-Setting a dummy to auto block against HIBIKI TAKANE’s Beckoning Slash attack results in recovery frames that differ from those blocked manually in Training Mode, and so this issue is scheduled to be resolved.

Additional information

-Some notes were left out of the previous 2.10 patch notes. They have been added to this version instead. These notes are marked by (2.10).

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