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Dying Light Update 1.29 Today On November 20 Details

Dying Light has been updated to version 1.29 today on November 20. There are several bug fixes as seen in the patch notes for this update.

After the last update, some players were reporting disappearing blueprints, crashes, and more. This update today has fixed these issues in addition to fixing the Ratty outfit.

Dying Light Update 1.29 Patch Notes

  • Fixed disappeared blueprints
  • Fixed crash when using some elementals
  • Fixed “Ratty” outfit
  • Minor bug fixes
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  1. Jamie Neale

    So this website was on my Google news feed, fuck knows why. Despite it only being a few patch notes I suggest you proof read things you post.

  2. Rob

    Wait so that’s it, the f thing is 6.3 gigs. They need to update this game for series x/ps5 since dying light 2 vanished. Shit was supposed to be out this year, I think even early 2020 if not 19. Wtf is going on. But for real 6 gigs for bug fixes?

  3. Mark T. Henderson

    I’ve been actively playing this game almost every day and yet I only received this update today on Steam. I literally was playing the game today, just before it prompted for an update. How is this working, am I missing something? Isn’t a patch pushed out immediately on Steam? If not, why?

    Oh, and yes, the game was crashing like hell since 2018 and this year they finally managed to fix it, so I was able to play it through finally, after years of sitting on my backlog. Only to be broken again by one of the previous patches. Hopefully this one will fix what was broken by the previous one that broke the one that was fixing the old one. RIght?!

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