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Destroy All Humans! Update 1.08 Patch Details

Destroy All Humans! update version 1.08 was released today by THQ Nordic. The patch notes mention improved visuals on Xbox Series and 60 FPS on PS5.

The original game that was a remake developed by Black Forest Games didn’t have any enhancements for the PS4 Pro. The patch today has implemented support for the Xbox One X and Xbox Series X. It has improved visuals on the One X and resolution and details on Series X. Get the details on this new update below.

The three new skins that are confirmed for this patch include Ain’t No Man, Worst Nightmare,  and Midas Touch.

Destroy All Humans! Update 1.08 Patch Notes

  • 3 new free skins (all platforms): Ain’t No Man, Worst Nightmare, Midas Touch
  • PS4 patch to unlock FPS restrictions (this will help players on PS5 as well)
  • X1X patch for improved details
  • XSX patch for improved resolution and details
  • Silhouette fight tweaks (all platforms)
  • Decreased difficulty on the final boss fight
  1. Toned down enemy reinforcement spawns
  2. Slightly increased the time Crypto has to get into cover
  3. Slightly reduced Silhouette’s Shock-O-Mator beam damage and sweep speed
  4. Removed particle exploder mines that spawn in proximity to Crypto
  • Soldier and Power Suit Grenades balancing tweaks (all platforms)
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