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Call of the Sea Update 1.01 Patch Details For PS4 and PS5

Call of the Sea has been updated to version 1.01 today by Raw Fury. You can find out the complete patch notes for this update here.

This patch offers the same changes and content as the latest version on Steam. Cross-save between PS4 and PS5 is currently unavailable in the title. This means that if you wish to update your PS4 edition to PS5 (at no extra cost), you won’t be able to import your PS4 savegame and will have to launch a new game on PS5. Cross-save mode is being considered for a potential game update. As for the patch notes, check out them below.

Call of the Sea Update 1.01 Patch Notes

PS4 – PATCH 1.0.1
Last Updated: May 14, 2021

General Gameplay

  • Fixed: Player is able to interact with the elevator button before obtaining the black stone in chapter 02
  • Fixed: Norah appears floating above the black ooze during the throne room scene in chapter 06
  • Fixed: The solution appears on the lens after loading the game even if the puzzle is not solved in chapter 02
  • Fixed: Player gets stuck on ladders when interacting with the ladder icon after invoking the journal or pause menu
  • Fixed: Collisions during the intro, chapter 02, chapter 03, chapter 04, chapter 05, Chapter 06 and Alternate Ending
  • Fixed: Player can clip through the environment and go out of boundaries during the transition at the end of Desert (chapter 04)
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Voice & Narrative

  • Fixed the texture of the guide’s note that contained some typos in French, in chapter 01.
  • Spanish texts revised and corrected.
  • Fixed “missing string” in Japanese subtitle during chapter 01.
  • Fixed Documents in chapter 03 and 05 who had a different text than the transcription.


  • Fixed: Player is stuck out of the map when loading a save created near the second button to lower the water level in chapter 05
  • Fixed: User get stuck at the elevator when reloading an autosave in chapter 02
  • Fixed: Reloading autosave during the ride up to fish head on the platform will cause the user to fall and the button will be inactive in chapter 04
  • Fixed: User will become stuck after saving immediately after opening the second door in chapter 07

Last Updated: May 14, 2021

Welcome PS5 players!

The team is hard at work to release version 1.0.1 soon that will include all the content that went live today on PS4, specifically fixing the following 3 known issues:

  • In Chapter 2, player is able to operate the elevator before obtaining the black stone
  • In Chapter 6, Norah appears floating above the black ooze during a cinematic
  • The DualSense controller on PS5 is not rumbling despite the setting being set to “on”

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