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XIII Remake Is One of the Worst-Reviewed Games On Steam

XIII Remake is out now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It suffers from a lot of technical issues making it one of the worst-reviewed remakes.

XIII Remake is developed by PlayMagic. It was also targeting a release on the Nintendo Switch but it was seemingly delayed to 2021. As a result, it is out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC only this year. However, every one of these ports has faced some problems.

In our own experience, the remake plays terribly on the PS4. The frame rate is all over the place and in a first-person shooter, this matters a lot. Shooting enemies is incredibly clunky and the visuals are hard to look at with the lower resolution that feels like a choice rather than hardware limitation.

Steam reviews echo the same sentiment and are overly negative. Only 10 percent of the users had something positive to say while the majority, 90% of the users, have given it a bad rating.

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One of the bullet points is that the game will feature “a new artistic direction that respects the original work and its iconic cel-shading design.” Have a look at a comparison between the new and old art styles below/

This art style has completely changed the design of the characters and not just shifted to a different modern design. It looks terrible compared to the original despite this being a remake.

Another video shows the many issues that are present in the game from terrible broken AI to horrible hit detection. There are many glitches present too, all of which point towards a broken release of a game.

So a word of advice, if you are looking to buy XIII Remake, don’t do it. It is not worth it in its current state and we highly doubt it is going to be worth it later down the line.

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