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Xbox Game Pass Is Adding Several New Games This September

Microsoft has shared details on new games coming to Xbox Game Pass this September. They have confirmed these games for PC, Xbox One, and Android.

In an official post, Microsoft has listed the new games, perks, quests, and other updates that they are planning for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Coming Soon

  • Company of Heroes 2 (PC) – September 17
  • Destiny 2: Shadowkeep & Forsaken (Android & Console) – September 22
  • Halo 3: ODST (Android & PC) – September 22
  • Night in the Woods (Android, Console, PC) [email protected] – September 24
  • Warhammer: Vermintide 2 (Android & Console) [email protected] – September 24

Here are the games leaving Xbox Game Pass in September.

Leaving September 30

  • Bad North (Console & PC)
  • DiRT Rally 2.0 (Console & PC)
  • Dishonored 2 (Console & PC)
  • Panzer Dragoon Orta (Console)
  • Westerado: Double Barreled (Console)
  • Yooka-Laylee (Console)

As for the rest of the updates, check below.

Xbox Game Pass Quests

Even more September Quests are going live this week!  There are dozens available, but here’s a couple to check out:

  • Sea of Thieves (Ultimate Members only, Starting 9/15) – “Talk like a Pirate” (Log in and play) – 25 points
  • Dungeon of the Endless (All Game Pass Members, Starting 9/15) – “Open 10 doors” (Open 10 doors) – 50 points

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