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Tencent Is Recruiting For 19 Pokémon Related Jobs Including a “Pokémon Consultant”

Tencent is a Chinese game giant who is currently working on Pokémon Unite in partnership with Nintendo. They are recruiting for different jobs for a project including a Pokémon consultant.

As spotted by NikoPartner Analyst Daniel Ahmad, the job listing for the consultant has some crazy requirements that only a devoted fan of the series could fulfill, if they had a lot of time.

The requirements ask for finishing all games in the series and watching the anime. They are as follow:

  • Clear all games w/ 900hrs+ playtime
  • Know history of series
  • Have master ball ranking
  • Watched 500+ episodes of anime

Tencent was hiring for Pokémon related jobs due to its partnership with TPC and Nintendo. Tencent’s TiMi studio is working with TPC on Unite, a 5v5 battle game for the Nintendo Switch and Mobile.

Tencent is also the official distributor of Pokémon products in China so they are closer to Nintendo and TPC. However, as revealed by Daniel Ahmad, Tencent ended up taking down this job listing, perhaps based on how crazy it sounded.

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