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Nier Replicant Charts As Best Seller On Steam, Beats Nier Automata Peak Record

Nier franchise is a massive success on Steam, proven again by the success of Nier Replicant, which is a prequel to Nier Automata.

Nier Replicant was released on April 23. It has managed to chart in the best sellers list on Steam ending on April 25th. This list is organized by the revenue generated by the game and not necessarily the unit of sales, but it is still an impressive metric nonetheless.

Nier Replicant has charted in the number one position followed by It Takes Two. If we take a look at the Steam Charts for Neir Replicant, it had a concurrent player peak of 28.5K players, which is higher than the peak for Nier Automata in 2019 that stands at 23.8K.

This goes on to prove the consistency of the franchise which first made its debut with Automata on Steam back in 2019. The new game is a remake of the original Nier that was exclusive to the PS3 and Xbox 360. It was remade for the modern platforms but maintains most of its original design and story.

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The game currently carries a mostly positive rating on Steam and can be purchased for $39.99. The remake was developed by Toylogic and published by Square Enix.

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